Strategy Development

We provide advice and direction on the development of corporate, marketing, financial and technological strategies to provide the client with the best opportunity of enhancing shareholder value. Our internal systems identify opportunities to rapidly build our client’s value in markets where consolidation and increases in market share often require key partnerships to be established.

Acquisitions and Corporate Development

Benson Chase works with clients to identify acquisition targets for their operations that will deliver increases in market share or return efficiencies to operations and add additional share holder value.

Our team utilises extensive industry expertise to determine a valuation of the target company and assesses the commercial and cultural fit of the target to that of our clients. We then facilitate all activities required to complete the acquisition and integrate the businesses to achieve the clients’ commercial objectives.

Mergers and Divestitures

Our clients often require share holder exit strategies to be developed and realised for their investments. Small to medium size businesses are often presented with unique challenges to maintain maximum value when substantial shareholders exit companies. In many cases within the business shareholders have varying financial and professional needs upon exit and in many cases take valuable experience in the operation of the business with them upon departure.

Benson Chase provides a comprehensive service to prepare an organisation for a merger, an exit of a substantial shareholder or complete company sale. We are experienced in the preparation of a divestiture or asset sale valuation, development of memoranda, initiation of a prospective sale marketing program and the qualification and solicitation of offers. Upon qualification of interested parties we schedule and co-ordinate due diligence activity, negotiate the final terms and closing of the merger, part divesture or complete sale and facilitate the transition of management and cultural changes from the existing entity to the new.

Private Financings

Implementation of successful financial strategies for business is paramount in achieving ongoing growth and achieving the shareholders required return on investment.

Benson Chase has assisted many clients to refine the operating business plan and initiate a range of finance strategies to meet growth or restructuring requirements. Included in this process is the investigation of potential strategic investment opportunities, initiation and co-ordination of discussions with prospective investors, conceptualisation and development of operating frameworks for the client and investor whilst negotiating the final terms of any transaction.